Saturday June 28

8 AM

Liberty High School Track, Hillsboro, Oregon.


The Events

8:00 AM = 1 Mile Lap race (4 laps around the track)

8:20 AM = 2 Mile Lap race (8 laps around the track)

8:45 AM = 1/2 Mile Kids Race

9:00 AM = 1 Hour Individual Lap race (run as many laps as you can in one hour)

9:00 AM = 1 Hour Team Lap race (up to 4 members on your team run as many laps as you can in one hour)  THIS IS A CHANGE IN TIME, ALL TEAMS WILL NOW RACE AT 9:00 AM.


You may choose to participate in the 1 mile and 2 mile competition.  The male and female who has the lowest overall time for both races will be declared the winner of the Double.  





Price increases $5 for each race when you register on Saturday morning.

Registration is open.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Kids - $0 - FREE (Non-timed)

1 Mile - $7

2 Mile - $10

1 & 2 Mile - $12

1 Hour Lap Race - $15

1 Hour Team Lap Race - $10 per person


Bib Pick Up 

At the race site, Liberty High School track

21945 NW Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR

Saturday, June 28, 7:15 AM to 15 minutes prior to your race start 




Benefits of event

This event is considered a no-frills race.  Although it will be no-frills, we will still have chip timing, instant results, photos, results pages, hear your name every lap, instant live results on the web so your friends and family can track you and where you currently are placed.    

No-frills means no medals will be provided, but tech shirts will be available for purchase.  Winners plaques will be given to each winner of the race, male and female.  Three winning relay teams will be announced, Male, Female, and Co-Ed. 

Water and bananas and bagels will be provided to all registered participants.  



The course will be on the Liberty High School Track.  4 laps = 1 mile.  8 laps = 2 miles.  The 1-hour races will also be held on the track.   







Does this event qualify as a Jacket earning event?  No it does not.  Since this is a no-frills event, it will not count towards the Uberthons Jacket program.