Uberthons would like to thank you for being part of the 2018 Portland-area events.  We had fun, and, hopefully, you had fun and accomplished all your goals this year.

January - The year begins with the Uberthons Winter event at the golf course in Aloha.  This event is a Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, and 5k.  There are probably 114 turns, and, you run completely on the asphalt golf-cart paths.  Hot soup awaits you in the heated pavilion.  The medals for all four of the Half Marathons this year show off some of the covered bridges in Oregon.


Also, Uberthons has chosen the first ever Uberthons Hall of Fame recipient - Eileen Kuffner!  We will be pleased to formally present the award and introduce you to Eileen at the Winter event on January 19, 2019.

February - Cha co lah' da thon at Cook Park in Tigard.  If chocolate is your thing, come join us.  February 16.  This is a 5k and 10k  event.

May - Uberthons Spring Event - this event is a Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, and 5k.  Choose which one you want to run.  This year, the event stays on the south side of the Willamette River, and, starts and ends at Champoeg State Park. The course runs through the town of Butteville to the East of the park.  May 25, 2019.

July - The Freedomthon is in downtown Beaverton.  This event keeps you on the flattest 5k course in Oregon.  Beaverton's finest line the course as they keep the roads completely closed for your safety.  Let it rip.  Set a personal best.  Then, enjoy the Red, White, & Blue breakfast in the Library Park.  The City of Beaverton sponsors the event by providing resources to include bouncy houses, slides, music, great food, and a pie-eating contest.  Uberthons always surprises you with something new at this event - bring the family to see what it might  be this year.  July 4th, of course.


July 20 - The Oregon Marathon includes the Oregon Summer Half Marathon and the Oregon Summer Quarter Marathon.  80% of the event is run through a forest with shade on your left and on your right.  The Half is 8 miles of downhill (in the forest).  How can you go wrong?  Last year, the starting temperature was a cool 52 degrees.  Then, run to the finish line to get your share of the hamburger bbq with all the fixins.  We think this event is the crown jewel of all events in Oregon during the summer.  

September - The Oregon Fall Half Marathon and the Oregon Fall Quarter Marathon, and the Oregon Fall 5k.  Traditionally, this event has been at St. Josef's Winery in the Aurora/Canby area.  The course this year may be tweaked to eliminate the 1/16-mile long up and down.  At any rate, watch for Qdoba Mexi Grill again.  September 7. 

If you have not had enough fun so far, keep reading . . . it gets even better.

October - The first Saturday of the month gives you the best chance in Oregon to go fast, or, slow, or, to just show up and go your speed.  That's right - this 5k and 10k are on the 2-mile track at the Portland International Raceway.  The area's fastest runners will be crowned - including age-group champions.  Then, the Uberthons High School 5k Invitational follows right afterwards.  What a way to start October!

IMG_0750 (1).jpg

October - The Halloweenathon at the Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club in Aloha.  Time to dress up.  The Peoples' Choice Award recipient gets $100 cash - enough to pay for a great, scary, costume.  And, you might watch out for gorillas, and, other spooky things that appear on the course right when you are about to set a personal best!  This event has a great after dinner.  Things may be changed this year, but, time will tell.  This event is a 2.5k, 5k, and 10k.  It starts at 8 AM, and the reduced price 2.5k and 5k starts at 10 AM.  Something for everyone including fun stations on the course for you and your family.


Just when you thought you could not have anymore fun . . . the years' final event starts.

Thanksgiving morning - for those who want to start a perfect day . . . three area Turkeythons for you and your family.  Hillsboro, Tigard, and Downtown Portland.  At least one of these events has a 10k included with the 5k.  Get yours . . . a pie, a medal, a costume contest, and, an overall great time to end the year.  Keep collecting those precious medals to adorn and decorate your home during the holidays.

image1 (2).jpeg

Now, let's discuss a few things you might want to know. 


Eat right & exercise right.  You need to do it.  Life is short, and, we believe it is meant to live in a healthy manner.  Run or walk three times a week for 30 minutes each time.  You will be amazed how much better you feel.

Shirts - the registration fee pays more for medals, food, and great venues than on shirts.  However, some running shirts are made available.  Half Marathoners always receive an Oregon Half Marathon shirt.  This year, the Winter has a zippered pulldown, the Spring has a long-sleeve shirt, the Summer has a tank top, and the Fall has a regular running shirt.

Medals - enjoy.  We have so much fun creating the medals and ribbons.  We hope you have a wall full of Uberthons medals.  Send us a photo of your 'wall', and we might give you a free race entry.

Series - Uberthons offers a 5k Series of four events, a Quarter Marathon Series of four events, and, a Half Marathon Series of four events.  The Half Marathon Series is available for purchase now for $220 until 1/1/2019, then, it is $240. 

Runners of the Year - 2018 version.  We are in the process of looking at all the statistics now so we can choose 10 Runners of the Year.  These participants will be revealed at the Winter Event in January.  The competition is close - so many of you have overcome obstacles, set and made goals, and provided examples to other walkers and runners.  We, the Uberthons guys, claim to have the best jobs in the world because we get to know some of the best people in the world - YOU.

Helping others - you can help us by making us aware of those who 'would if they could'.  This means that a registration fee is not as important to us as someone being active.  Lots of people would be active in a running event if they could just find an extra few dollars.  Because of your ability to pay the registration fees, we are all able to help others.  Let us know about conversations you have with people who 'would if they could.'

Registration - always at