Simple . . . run 500 miles this year and participate in 4 Überthons events - get fit, have fun, feel good, share your experiences.

Überthons Challenge - Eat Right Exercise Right  To do this, run or walk 3 times each week, 30 minutes each time. This adds up to 500 miles per year. . . and, Eat Right!


What you get . . . 

Recognition.  Your name and stories will be shared with others of the 'family'.  Share the progress you are making with others. 

Überthons 500-Mile Club medal and ribbon when you reach 500 miles for 2018.

How it is done . . . do the following

Do one of the following:


Run or walk 500 miles, or

Run on a treadmill for 500 miles, or

Use an elliptical machine 1.5 hours each week (30 minutes three times each week for 50 weeks.  Each 30-minute session would equal 3.33 miles or 10 miles each week)

Do one of the following:

participate in 4 Überthons events in 2018, or

pay $15.00 

What next?


The cost is FREE by being a regular Überthoner.  Register when you feel you are ready


Set your own pace. Try to run 3 times each week, 30 minutes each time.


Add your miles to the progress chart.  You will see names of other people . . . how are you doing . . .

How can I learn more?

Watch Überthons videos of real people who have achieved fitness.

Read about the Überthons challenge.