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Oregon 5k Series

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You ran the Chocolatathon.  

Now, register for the rest of the 5k series.

3 Pak - $75


Chocolatathon You already did this event!  How did you do?


Can you say cha' co lah' da thon?



March 11, 2017.  A great 5k event for showing your Irish side of things. This is the annual stuffed-potato-bar event. 



July 4, 2017.  A great 5k event for making new friends - and, an early morning Red, White & Blue breakfast.  


Halloweenathon - October 28, 2017.  A great 5k event for making new friends, and an early Nacho breakfast.  We get to see what you really look like at this Halloween event.  

Your parking pass

When you register for the 2017 Oregon 5k Series (four events), you receive a preferential-parking pass.  The pass is a couple of flags that you will put on your car.

Attached them to your car, and move to the best parking place!