Oregon FALL

Half marathon QUARTER & 5K

September 9, 2017


Fall participants,


The Fall event is here.


Packet Pick Up is Thursday afternoon and evening.  We have some fast runners, and we have some good-looking runners!


First thing is Road Runner Sports has offered a last-minute deal for all Uberthons Fall Half Marathoners, Quarter marathoners, and 5kers.  You will need to present this email showing the two attachments to get the discount, good Sept 8 - Sept 10 at the Tualatin Road Runner Sports only.   


The Weather Report


What a ride . . . all over America.  We feel fortunate to have some smoke, and not a hurricane or a wild fire in our immediate area. We have learned about air-quality with you during the past week. Everyone wants clean air. Everyone wants the air to be healthy.


Several reporting organizations in Oregon show almost the same conditions and forecasts.


The current air quality is:


Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups - Unhealthy.  See this website:  




This website shows data from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.


The air-quality rating is 164 at 5:00 PM Wednesday, September 6, 2017.  The rating has been as high as 271 over the past few days.


The forecast by the Ambient Monitoring Coordinator of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is the winds are changing to become winds from the west, called Marine Air Movement. Uberthons interprets this to mean that the winds will blow the smoke towards the east, away from the Fall event.


The Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups designation and the Unhealthy designation must be interpreted by each event participant.  Uberthons interprets these designations to mean that you should breath as little of this air as possible - strenuous physical activity is a risk.  We believe that includes the Uberthons Fall event as of the day of this email.


You may find more information by subscribing to emails from Oregon Department of Environmental Quality by emailing them at this link:  HERE


A forecast by https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/or/portland?MR=1 suggests the winds are coming from NNW or NW during the next few days, and increasing from the West to the East the rest of the week.  Uberthons interprets this to mean the Fall event will have favorable air quality.  


The graphic at the bottom of this email is of a wind-direction forecast and is found at this website: https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/portland_or.  It shows favorable winds leading to the Fall event.  


Now if you will cross your fingers (all of them), the Fall event will go on as planned, and you will have healthy air to breathe once again in our area.


Our hearts go out to those who live in fire-affected areas in the gorge and other locations. If the choice were ours, we would help those who need help in any area that could use more helping hands.  The same goes for the hurricane-affected areas.


We look forward to seeing you this Saturday morning.  In the event the air-quality does not improve, we will inform you with an email.  The event will still occur.  Let's get together, eat Qdoba, get our medals, and decide we will yet make a success of the event.


Alan Rasmussen