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Thanksgiving Morning


Southeast Portland

Last-minute news

Welcome to the 2016 Turkeython at Clackamas Town Center

Thank you for registering early. This will be a fun inaugural event.

Volunteers - a few - needed

If you have a friend, family member, or neighbor who can help by volunteering during the race, we could use her/him/them.  Have them email

Bib Pick Up Schedule

November 24, Tuesday

Famous Footwear, Clackamas Town Center, 2nd floor

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The first 20 people receive an Uberthons sports bag.  You may not pick up free bags for other people.

Day-of Schedule

7:15 - 8:05: Out-of-towners packet pickup

8:15: call to Start Line for 5k Turkeythoners

8:30: race begins

9:30: start of non-timed Kidathon


Photo opportunities are everywhere at Clackamas Town Center. The Turkeython will supply a Turkeython photo magazine-cover photo-op. Photos will be available at the Turkeython SmugMug website and on the Uberthons Facebook page - just as soon as we can upload them.  You may also bring a camera.

After the event you may go to the website to see links to the photos.



5k Fun Run

The first half of the 5k is on approved closed portions of roads in the City of Happy Valley and Clackamas County.  The second half of the course is on the mall - a run around the beautiful Clackamas Town Center.

The fast people will start at the front of the pack, and, the good-looking people will start towards the rear of the pack. You may run or walk. The course will be closed at 9:30 AM.

Alpenrose milk, Dairygold chocolate milk,  and Costco muffins Bar

That's right!  Every Turkeython tries to refresh you, but, does not try to fill you up.  To get filled up, you will want to register for Uberthons other events - CLICK HERE. Take a carton of milk, and enjoy the muffin.

Welcome Video

Winter Hats

Everyone gets a hat as long as supplies last. Pick up your hat at the race on Thursday.

Turkeython Shirts

$5.00.  Oregon Turkeython shirts are available in certain Women's sizes.  While the supply lasts. Bring $5.00 to the event, and go home in style. (Thank you to those who have purchased Doernbecher Giving Shirts)

Toy Drive

Please bring a small toy to the event, or bring it to one of the many Famous Footwear stores in Portland or Vancouver. Toys will be donated to Doernbecher Children's Hospital.


Results are available online when you cross the finish line. You may find your results at the following locations:

Listening to the announcer. Pick up your age-group pin from the announcer.  

Online results - simply go to, and click on RESULTS.

Online multi-year results - check out four years worth of results.


Your results will be combined with participant results at Bridgeport Village. You, of course, will see your results on a Clackamas Town Center results page - in addition, you will see your results combined with participant results of the Bridgeport Village Turkeython. How will you do? 

Results are figured using chip-timing.  This is a chip-timed race.  That means each participant gets his or her start and finish time as he or she crosses the start or finish line.  If you cross your chip, which is on the back of the race bib, you may not get a start time or a finish time. In this case, your award may be given to someone else.  If you did not get a result, it is most likely because you covered your chip with your arm, or you wore your bib on your back.  WEAR YOUR BIB ON THE FRONT, AND THE UPPER BODY.  This works best for photos and for results.

Group Photo

The Turkeython will take a photo of all participants who wear the Uberthons hat that each of you will receive. The photo will be sent to magazine in appreciation for selecting the Turkeython as one of the 24 must-do November/December running events in the U.S.  READ ABOUT IT.


Check the parking page for updated information.  CLICK HERE.

The parking map helps you keep off the kids course, and the 5k course. When you are ready to exit the event, please do not drive over the course.


Pick up your medal after your race.  You must have a race bib on to receive a medal. 

Parents may purchase a kid's medal for $10 at Packet Pick Up, or at the event.

Overall medals are awarded to the 3 fastest male and female, the 3 fastest male and female who are 45+, and 3 fastest male and female who are 65+.

Overall medals will be awarded by the announcer.  If you miss your overall medal or age-group pin, pick them up at an Uberthons event.

Age-group pins are also awarded by the announcer.


Appreciate the volunteers.  Some have been up since midnight getting things ready to help you enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving morning.

Virtual Turkeython

If you want to share your experience with friends and family across the world, have them register for the Virtual Turkeython.  They get the same medal you get, and, they get a timing watch to get their results. Have them click on this logo:

Upcoming Uberthons Events

The next events are"

Winter Uberthons event - Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, 5k.  All at the Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course in Aloha Oregon on January 21, 2017.


If you can say Chocolatathon really fast, you can run this 5k.  Tigard' Cook Park hosts this annual event. And, yes, it is about the chocolate.

What happens next year?

The Turkeython is spreading.  Watch for two more locations in the metropolitan area. The Boys & Girls Club of Portland will be involved, and will compete among themselves - they have seven locations. Help the Boys & Girls Club by attending a 2017 Turkeython. Wanna be a race director - email us.

This will be fun.  A huge Portland-area results page will show you how you do compared to all the Turkeython events that have chip timing. Who will be #1?  Who will be #100?  How will you do?

Half Marathon and 5k Series flags

If you have purchased either the 2017 Oregon Half Marathon Series or the 2017 Uberthons 5k Series events, you may pick up your flags at the Turkeython Packet Pick Up.