Liberty High School

Thanksgiving Morning ● November 22, 2018 ● 8:30 AM

November 23, 2017 
Managed by Uberthons

Last-minute news

Welcome to the 2018 Turkeython at Liberty High School. 

Thank you for registering early. 

Bib Pick Up Schedule

November 20, Tuesday

Hawthorn Farms Athletic Club - CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

As long as supplies last, get your special winter cap, or, leggings, or scarf at the Bib Pick Up.  

Day-of Schedule

7:00 - 8:10: day of race bib pickup

8:15: call to Start Line for 5k Turkeythoners

8:30: race begins

9:30: start of Kidathons race



You will look good no matter what you are wearing.  And, 10 Costco pies go to the winners of the costume contest.


Simply the best.  Give them a shout out while you are running.  They gave us their Thanksgiving Morning to be with you!  BTW, the Turkeython could use two more volunteers - email if one of your family members can volunteer from 7:45 AM till 9:45 AM.  Thanks.


Photo opportunities are everywhere on the course. Photos can be taken of you and your team in front of the Turkeython arch.  You may also bring a camera to take all the photos you want.  Would you mind sending some of your photos to us - we will post them or use them on the website. Email  Watch for the volunteer in the red photo apron - give them your phone, and, take home a great shot of . . . you!

Little Pies

That's right!  Every Turkeython tries to refresh you, but, does not try to fill you up.  To get filled up, you will want to register for Uberthons other events - CLICK HERE. Take a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the finisher's pie.  One per paid/registered person, please.

The Course

See it online.  HERE.  This course kind of goes everywhere.  Not very tough, but, it will test your turning ability. Have a great run!


Results are available online when you cross the finish line. You may find your results at the following locations:

Listening to the announcer. Pick up your age-group pin from the announcer.  

Online results - simply go to, and click on RESULTS.

Online results - simply go to

Results are figured using chip-timing.  This is a chip-timed race.  That means each participant gets his or her start and finish time as he or she crosses the start or finish line.  If you cross your chip with your arm, which is on the back of the race bib, you may not get a start time or a finish time. In this case, your award may be given to someone else.  If you did not get a result, it is most likely because you covered your chip with your arm, or you wore your bib on your back. WEAR YOUR BIB ON THE FRONT, AND THE UPPER BODY.  This works best for photos and for results.


Please carpool. Park in the west parking lot at the High School.  If you know another Turkeythoner, arrange to carpool with them. Be courteous of the neighborhoods - obey parking signs. 


Pick up your medal after your race.  You must have a race bib on to receive a medal. 

Parents may purchase a kid's medal for $10 at Bib Pick Up, or at the event for the non-timed Kidathons event. All kids receive a Turkeython ribbon.

Overall medals are awarded to the 3 fastest male and female, the 3 fastest male and female who are 45+, and 3 fastest male and female who are 65+.

Overall medals will be awarded by the announcer.  If you miss your overall medal or age-group pin, pick them up at an Uberthons event.  Awards will not be mailed.

Age-group pins are also awarded by the announcer.

Kids medals - If you would like your child to have a Turkeython adult medal, you may purchase one at the Bib Pick Up or at the event.  Price is $10.  You have a choice of several medals.

Upcoming EAT RIGHT, EXERCISE RIGHT Uberthons Events.  Yes, 2019 is the year of EAT RIGHT, EXERCISE RIGHT - you will not want to miss the events.

The next event is:

Winter Uberthons event - Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, 5k.  All at the Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club in Aloha, Oregon on January 19, 2019.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WEBSITE