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Gregg and Margie Whitnah of San Carlos, CA meet at the finish line of the 2017 Oregon Marathon to celebrate their combined 100th marathon/ultra events. Both 2nd Place in the 65+ category. Married for 47 years, and still running strong.  Congratulations!

Q - Where is the 2018 Oregon Marathon?

A - The event in July starts at Vernonia High School, and travels to Banks, Oregon on the Banks Vernonia Trail in western Washington County in Oregon.


Q - How do I get to the event?

A - Travel west from Portland on Highway 26, and go to Banks High School.  Or CLICK HERE for directions. You will ride an event bus to the Start Line.


Q - Can I pick up my bib on Saturday morning, the day of the race?

A - We will allow those who are from out-of-town to pick up bibs on Saturday morning.  You can be at the venue starting at 5:00 a.m. You will not have a guarantee that your name will appear on the results until the following week especially if you arrive too close to the START time.  The race director of the Boston Marathon gives his reasons why it is always better to arrange to pick up your bib on another day besides race day - READ HERE


Q - Is the course flat?

A - The 2018 Oregon Marathon course has a gentle incline to the halfway point, declines for 8 miles, and then stays flat for the remaining part of the course.  


Q - Is the entire course asphalt or concrete? 

A - 26.2 miles of pavement in the forested trail. 


Q - Will there be a bag check?

A – Yes. When you have been bussed to the Start Line, put your belongings in a bag that will be provided.  Write your Bib Number on the bag. The bags will be transported to the Finish Line.


Q - What are the medals like?

A – The 2018 Oregon Marathon medals are . . . totally awesome.




Q - What is the normal temperature like on July 21 in the area?

A. The daily averages are 47 to 76 degrees. The temperature at the start of the 2017 Oregon Marathon was 53 degrees.


Q - How many water stations will there be?

A - 13 stations. Each station will provide water, some will provide ice-water towels, and some will have NUUN electrolytes; three will have medical personnel. 

Q - Any special rules?

A - You may carry your own water or electrolytes. You may choose to have someone hand to you water or electrolytes are pre-determined locations, but, do not interfere with the event aid stations.  You may have someone drive you to the Finish Line.


Q - Medical people available?

A- Yes, of course. Stationed at five aid stations along the course, and at the Start and Finish Lines. Dr. Adam Mohr of Acceleration Sports Medicine in Tigard, Oregon is the Medical Director for the 2018 Oregon Marathon.


Q - What timing rules will be applied?

A - The Official Time will be per USA Track & Field Rule 245, which is "the time elapsed between the start of the watches or timing elapsed between the start of the watches of timing devices resulting from an appropriate start signal and when the athlete reaching the finish line.  The actual time elapsed between when an athlete reaching the starting line and finish line can be made known to the athlete, but will not be considered as official time."  Chip times will be used to declare age-group winners, and will be used for all times except the first five overall winners. Chip times are sometimes referred to as Net times.  In addition, no results will be modified, re-calibrated, or refigured because your ran the wrong route, did not turn at the turnarounds, got off course, were distracted, etc.


Q - Will the Oregon Marathon have mile markers?

A - Yes, every mile 


Q - Does anyone besides the winner get a medal?

A - Every finisher gets an Oregon Marathon Finishers medal.  


Q - Are strollers allowed?

A - Strollers are not allowed in this event. 


Q - Can I sell me position (bib)?

A - You may sell your position for $25 before June 1. Complete paperwork on the purchaser needs to be completed. You may complete the necessary forms online by referring to your confirmation-email instructions.


Q - Are well trained/behaved dogs on leashes allowed?

A - No. 


Q - What time shall I arrive at Banks High School?

A - The 2018 race begins at 6:00 AM. Busses leave the parking area at 5:00 - 5:15 am. We would suggest you arrive with plenty of time to spare.  Use this time for warming up, meeting friends, and doing those last-minute things that need to be done.


Q - Is there a time limit for the Oregon Marathon.

A - Yes - 6.5 Hours. 


Q - What kind of Finish Line will be at the Finish Line?

A - A great photo opportunity at the Finish Line. Bring your friends, and bring your cameras.


Q - Can I run with headphones?

A - Headphones are not prohibited. Any participant who fails to follow directions from race officials is subject to being removed from the race course for his or her own safety, and the safety of other participants.