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Hood to Coast Team

Let's do it. The 2016 team has been chosen. Cheer this team on . . . it may not win the race, but it may win the hearts of the Uberthons family.

Date:  August 26 - 27, 2016


Team:  12 runners

Alternates:  3 runners

Driver:  1

Event Volunteers: 3

Meet the 2016 Team



Moe Dee


This is Moe's first Hood to Coast experience. He doesn't know what he has gotten himself into.  

Alan Rasmussen

Leg 2

Alan has participated on a variety of Hood to Coast teams and is the captain of the Uberthons team.  

Elisa Lee

Leg 3

Elisa has participated in many relay events. She is also an Oregon Half Marathon pacer for the Oregon Half Marathon Series.  

Julie Mullins

Leg 4

Julie loves Uberthons.  She writes an article for every single race and you will see Julie at Uberthons races selling merchandise.  

Jerry Mullins

Leg 5

Jerry volunteered to run leg 5 and he will power through each leg at great speed. Jerry will be leading all the Kidathons 1 mile races at Uberthons races.  

Stephanie Heilman

Leg 6

Stephanie has also participated in many relay team events.  She is the race director of the Melanoma Walk in May every year.  

Brent Huber

Leg 7

Brent has participated in at least 100 Uberthons events.  You will see him this year in the results tent helping all of you retrieve your results.  

Eileen Kuffner

Leg 8

Eileen is another Uberthoner who has participated in at least 100 races.  It is evident she loves Uberthons by her bib and medal display.  You will also see Eileen in the results tent at each race.  

Ruth Schlachter

Leg 9

Ruth is always lending a hand at the Uberthons races.  At one time, she also held the Uberthons Oregon Half Marathon record for women.  Zoom Zoom!!!

Rick Schlachter

Leg 10

It is evident that Rick loves Uberthons races.  Ruth might beat him in a few races, but he continues to tackle every course and is determined.  

Josh Stout

Leg 11

Josh is fairly new to the Uberthons family. This will be his first Hood to Coast experience. You will see Josh near the front in races or on the sidelines cheering for his significant other competing in Ironmans.  

Michelle Kirsch

Leg 12

We wouldn't want it any other way to have Michelle bring our team into the coast. Michelle runs in every single Uberthons race, and will always help out at the Packet Pick Ups.  

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