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Thank you for helping Uberthons participants enjoy the running and walking events.  Your company means a lot to them.

Your product is exceptional . . . thank you for being at the events, and sharing with the Uberthoners.

You purchased all the overall medals for the events. People love them! Thank you for your support. We hope all the women purchase running clothes from your store in Washington Square . . . 

When you provide shoes or socks for drawings, it helps runners be runners and walkers be walkers.  People being active is important . . . thank you.

Thank you for the years of donations. Uberthoners loves your stores. Thank you for sharing your merchandise, and for sharing your events with your clients.

Taking care of all our needs before, during, and after a race. Your ability to help runners and walkers in unparalled in the industry. We hope all our clients are aware of your services in sports medicine.

Having Bib Pick Ups at your stores is very fun. Free bowling, games, and photos on the big screens of our events  . . . it doesn't get any better.  And,  your food is exceptional.