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Team Uberthons

Uberthons wants you on the team.  The more team members, the more fun everyone will have.

To earn Uberthons team status is not easy. Runners and walkers have joined the team.


Once you are on the team, you receive the official Uberthons team shirt - wear it to other events, work, church, swimming, running, and every place you go. Send us a photo when you wear your team shirt at other events!


Run six Uberthons events in a calendar year - you will be on the team!


High-five a team member when you see him or her in the mall, at work, running, or anywhere.


We want you on the team!

In 2016, runners choose either a team shirt, or the new Uberthons Gear Bag when they enjoyed six events.  


In 2017, runners can join the 500-Mile Club and when they have run 500 miles in the year, and run in four Uberthons events, they receive the 500-Mile medal.  CLICK HERE


Order a gear bag for $25 by sending a message, or pick it up at the next event Pick Up.  

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