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Meet Karlee Coffey - winner of the 2015 Turkeython, and participant in the 2017 Oregon Winter Half Marathon


Uberthons are always fun events to attend and focused on such an awesome goal, getting people active and healthy!  I was never a runner until I had my son and wanted to get into shape and do a marathon. I was a full-time mom and student, and was convinced instead to go out for the cross-country team at Eastern Oregon University. I took on the challenge with no athletic history, and walked away a 3-time National Champion and 14-time All-American in events from 3k-10k.  By the end of my collegiate career, I hit a USATF standard in the 10k and fell in love with running.


As a mom now to a 10 year old and a full-time massage therapist at Lake Grove Wellness, I have to be careful and calculated with my training. Sometimes this includes unwanted runs on the treadmill, but I get in 60-70 miles per week consistently, with two workouts and one long run. I have learned that mileage and training is very unique to each person, and you have to consider outside stressors when planning training cycles. One person could tolerate 100 miles per week while someone else could only manage 30. Most importantly it comes down to having fun and seeing what you are capable of.


Things about myself other than running are: I have celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease that if you ingest gluten it destroys the small intestine but has taught me a clean way of eating, I love drawing and writing as creative outlets, and cooking is by far one of my favorite pastimes.

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Meet Kerri Lyons - winner of the 2016 Oregon Fall Half Marathon - 01:17:16

Hats off to the volunteers at the Uberthons - the water stations and cheering made the run! 


I hadn't run for a time in a really long time. Running for me is a lifestyle, and while a fast time looks cool on paper, I guarantee there were other folks in that race that worked just as hard (or harder!) as I did. Everyone got out the door on a Saturday morning - sometimes that's the hardest part. 


I spent most of my childhood playing outside in Connecticut - and running is just an adult version of that. Health and wellness are a series of micro decisions, much like a run is a series of steps. It's about taking pleasure in challenge, enjoying the moments of flying and working through the moments of disaster. My favorite part of running isn't necessarily the physical accomplishment, but the friendships that it has provided me. Since moving to Oregon, I've been running with the Portland Running Company, and running around for 2 hours on a Sunday morning is one of the highlights of my week. It makes those days, and yes, everyone has them, when I don't want to run that much easier. For anyone looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, that is my biggest tip - pick friends who you deeply admire, and who bring out the best version of you. 


I graduated from Cornell University where I was a member of the cross country and track & field teams, and I'm currently in my second year at Pacific College of Optometry. While it's a lot of work (insert 5 AM) rainy runs around Forest Grove) I truly enjoy it. 


Some of my favorite phrases: Do what you love and love what you do, and forget the box...just think outside!

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Meet Brad Blouch - winner of the 2016 Oregon Spring Half Marathon - 01:20:16

All you folks at Uberthons put on another very fun and well organized event!  This was my second event with you guys.  My first being the Winter Half.  Never ran on a golf course before, lol.  

As for the race yesterday, I certainly did not expect to lead the entire race.  I'm a fast starter to get the jitters out and then settle to run comfortably.  Going into the race I was hoping for a 1:21 and a top 3 finish.  I was expecting to see Paul Rottich there.  I was just going to try and hang with him for the first 10k for a faster time.  I hung with him and the leaders for the first 5k of the Eugene half and that led to a PR.  Running behind the Smart Car was really fun.  They did a great job of keeping me safe out there.  I enjoyed the great views of the farmland and felt energized by the all cheers the volunteers and other participants!  I was a little worried about the hill, but it wasn't bad at all.  I was happy to burn down it on the way back!  The finish through the roses was very cool!
I started running again in 2014 after not doing much after my senior year in high school and a short stint at Portland State.  I went out for my first half in May 2013 with no real training.  Finished in 2 hrs. I hurt my knee pretty bad so I spent the rest of year rehabbing.  I came back the next year to the same event and ran a 1:38.  I haven't looked back since.  My goal this year is to run 1 Half a month.  I'm at six after yesterday.  I will also be participating in HTC with my employer GNC.  Last year was a blast even with the storm.  I run 3 to 4 times a week and I do core work and stretching just about every day.  I have many routes here in Wilsonville from hills to flat roads.  I listen to my body and make sure I rest when I need to even though my mind might say get out there and run.

I manage the local GNC here in town and love it.  It always make my day being able to help people reach their goals.  

Words of encouragement.  Set goals, believe in yourself, and never give up!