Thanksgiving Morning ● November 28, 2019 ● 9:00 AM

November 23, 2017 

Last-minute news

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Welcome to the 2019 Turkeython at Downtown Portland

Thank you for registering early. 

Bib Pick Up Schedule

November 28, Thursday


7:30AM - 8:45AM

Under the west end of the Morrison Bridge at Waterfront Park in

downtown Portland

Day-of Schedule

7:30 - 8:45: day of race packet pickup

8:45: call to Start Line for 5k Turkeythoners

9:00: race begins

10:00: start of Kidathons race


Photo opportunities are everywhere on the Downtown Portland Turkeython course. The Turkeython will supply a Turkeython photo magazine-cover photo-op. Have the Uberthons volunteer wearing the red photo smock take your picture. We welcome you to share those on Facebook and tag Überthons! We’d love to see them too!


Yes! We encourage costumes and will award prizes to the best costumes!

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Mini Pies

Starbucks Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Mini Pies for only 5k finishers.

That's right!  Every Turkeython tries to refresh you, but, does not try to fill you up.  To get filled up, you will want to register for Uberthons other events - CLICK HERE


The Downtown Portland Turkeython is not a timed event. Feel free to time yourself or provide any time you want to friends and family for fake bragging rights. We just want you to have a great time out there.


 You are wearing a chipped bib. We will see your name as you cross the           start and finish line. Please WEAR YOUR BIB ON YOUR FRONT UPPER           BODY of your OUTERMOST LAYER! This is not only for our                     equipment to pick up your name as you start and finish, but also we are           not on a closed course and other runners and walkers will likely be out             there. We need to see your bib for the volunteers to offer you aid at the             stations and to give you your medal at the end. Your bib is your                       passport for all things Turkeython, so WE NEED TO SEE THEM!


Parking downtown is free on a holiday. So it's a time for celebration and gratitude. When you park we encourage you to yell, "It''s free, It' free", when you step out of your vehicle. Please, still abide by all laws and parking restrictions for no parking areas.


         Pick up your medal after your race. You must have a race bib VISIBLE             to receive a medal. 


         Parents may purchase a kid's medal for $10 at packet pick up or at the           event for the non-timed kidathons event.

Upcoming Uberthons Events

The next event is:

Winter Uberthons event - Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, 5k.  All at the Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course in Aloha Oregon on January 18, 2020.