Thanksgiving Morning ● November 28, 2019 ● 9:00 AM

November 23, 2017 

Last-minute News

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Thank you for your registration to the Turkeython event in Hillsboro.  The event promises to be fun for you and your family. Your medal has your name on it!


Speaking of medals, three colors are available. Choose the medal that will look good on your medal wall, or, even on your Christmas tree. You must have a 5k race bib on to claim a finisher' medal. The 5k people will receive a medal, and, parents can purchase a medal for their kids for $10.


The event starts at 9:00 AM. The early bird gets the best parking places. About 150 cars may park around the clubhouse; others will park on the streets in the close-by neighborhoods. Either way, parking is close.


Photos - bring your cameras. The event will provide photo-op banners. Then, share your photos with millions of people!


Changing your plans - We have all made plans for the season. If you change your plans for whatever reason, still have a great Thanksgiving. You can plan to pick up your medal and race bib on the day of the event, or, we will provide another time for you to get them. Then, go have a family virtual event. If you need more race bibs and more medals because you know of others who will join you on your virtual Turkeython, email Uberthons to ask about getting more medals and race bibs. Then, cross your fingers (or turkey legs) that your type of weather shows up on Thanksgiving, or, on whichever day you choose to run your holiday 5k.


Bib Pick Up - you may pick up your race bib on November 26, 2019 ● Bib Pick Up ● 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location - Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club in Hillsboro - CLICK HERE - or you may stand in line on Thanksgiving morning starting at 7:00 AM at the Turkeython location.


Race location - Rock Creek Country Club - did I say NO PETS? CLICK HERE FOR A MAP


Costumes? Of course! You may be a lucky winner of a Costco pumpkin pie.


Singing? Let us know in advance so we can all plan to be there!


Pets at the golf course? Nope!


Kids? Absolutely. Ribbons for each child.


Course? Stay right. There will be runners running towards the finish line, and, you may avoid a collision by being aware, and, by staying on the right.


Mini pies? Of course, again. Get your pie at the same time you get your medal.


Results? As normal, results will be on the results page. Click on results, then, click on the Turkeython event.


Volunteers? About 50 of them. Some of these volunteers are from different states, some even from Florida. High five each volunteer. Make a new friend on Thanksgiving. Volunteers are special.


We will see you very, very soon. Bring a friend. And, remember - FAST PEOPLE IN THE FRONT and GOOD LOOKIN' PEOPLE IN THE BACK.

Park in the parking lot or in a nearby neighborhood. Carpool please.