Tigard Cook Park

Thanksgiving Morning ● November 24, 2022 ● 8:00 AM or 10:00 AM


Teams are fun.  Run with your friends, family, even your neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning. 


The process to register as a team is simple - form a team of 10 or more, and receive a free entry.  The team captain can use that entry for themselves or give the free entry to someone else to join their team.  

How to form a team of 10 or more runners

Prior to having anyone sign up on your team, send an email to alan@uberthons.com with your team name.  Turkeython will then send a team code that everyone on your team will use to get $5 off their entry fee.  Each member of the team will enter in the team name during registration to join that team.  As soon as 10 runners have joined the team, the team captain will send us another email with a list of your team members who have already registered. Turkeython will send you a code to register for a free entry.

If there are members of your team who didn't use the team code or enter the team name during registration, please send us an email and we can make sure they are on the team.