This page shows the results of all the teachers' classes.  This is called the Overview Report.  See how many laps the kids ran in each class.  See how many laps the school staff ran.

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what is kidathons?

Kidathons is electronic lap counting at schools.


Does your school use popsicle sticks to count the laps?  How about little marks on the back of the student hands?


Your teachers and parents could have Kidathons come to your school to do all the hard work electronically.  An RFID chip goes on the back of the race bib (each runner gets a race bib). As they run around the track, the electronic equipment adds all the laps - how cool is that!


Then, within a few minutes, a printed report of all the laps is given to the event coordinator - and weeks are saved!  This is a picture of the printed reports:


Results of recent Kidathons events

Mitch Charter School

St. Therese

Suavie Island Academy

Middleton Elementary

Watch this video
Watch this video