Timing Results December 2021

Due to the worldwide pandemic, events will not be held in 2021.

Some of you have asked about upcoming events.  We, with you, hope that Uberthons can come back to full strength, as we have in the past.  What a blast we have had getting to know you, and to be part of your Saturday mornings for the past 10 years.  Uberthons cannot make any promises if Uberthons will be back.  

The decision will be made as time goes by.  The general policy that Uberthons has adopted is this:

When the federal and state governments have declared the current pandemic is over, Uberthons will be able to plan events.  Uberthons events take six months to plan and execute.  This means that no event will occur for at least six months after the pandemic has been ruled to be over, completed, dead, gone.  And, then, there is no guarantee that Uberthons will exist as it has in the past.  Non-refundable registration money for certain events has been depleted, as you might expect, for overhead to keep the business alive, but even that has not been sufficient to maintain an active business - most of you understand this situation because most of you have been paying attention to worldwide events, and most of you understand the running industry.  Years ago, Uberthons, and race directors around the country, made a policy that registration fees must be non-refundable because of the potential for unforeseen events out of the control of a hard-working race director.  Well, we are in the middle of such an unforeseen event - and it is throughout the entire world.  Uberthons has always offered upcoming events as a way to stay in good graces with its runners in the event an event is cancelled, but is no longer able to make this kind of concession.  You may see other race directors hold events - Most of you know Uberthons has never made decisions based on what other race directors do - if you see other events happening that does not mean that Uberthons is following the crowd out of this pandemic.  Again, we appreciate you and your understanding.

Kidathons will consider school Jogathons for the upcoming school year on a case by case basis.  The pandemic has changed the hopes, desires, and expectations of schools to make money for special school projects.  We have enjoyed helping schools, little kids, teachers, parents and administrators, so we will track state mandates and recommendations as we consider jogathons for each potential school.

2022 In-Person Events

Uberthons is excited to bring back the annual Turkeython event on Thanksgiving morning, November 24, 2022.  Spots are limited to the first 1,500 participants.  Family rate available.  Reserve your spot today.  Run with your family, neighbors, & co-workers.